Saturday, August 7, 2010

Opening day NOON SL time.

Boobytropolis and MinkaMade opens today at noon SL time. You will arrive into welcome center and can go from there. Expect little confusion maybe, hard to tell. if everyone appears at once elevator will be full. O.o

Boobi flyers are easist to get around in. Taxi lets you look at more ease. Goes straight to MinkaMade. The clubs are ready. the groups are ready, Now is group BOOBYTROPOLIS-LIVE the DREAM and can find the join link in welcome center /minka/made and in rocket club.

If decide want to rent send me NOTECARD with box rented or questions about. All numbers of store start at "1" nearest the Minka made store and go up to far end of sim.

Fireworks all day at random. Go to world and turn on midnight, use mouselock to watch best.
Lots of breakable things. Or things to push over. try everything.

Last but not least the STORE is ready for you to get new fashion. Hope you like. As always if problem send me im or note and will fix best can. Since is all new may have mised something somewhere. Was huge project. Hope you like.

EXPLORE!!!! look for entrance crack into underworld. Play and have fun. Spend money too lol, will help keep all open and running. Have option to add 4 homesteads if we want. But that is big, to big for me now.

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