Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need a item, A nice piano, maybe sex piano.

Know Daddy Warbucks had one on ship but not heard from him for ages since give couch. If see him can maybe ask? Or if know of one at reasonable cost. Am interested.

Finished some of underworld Dark walkways. Made me almost scared (ok did make scared had to stop once as felt like was going to fall off cliff.) O.O Hint. Mouselock will save you falling into dark pits. Maybe. :)

Also got rental bots figured out so will set the stores and homes up for rentals. 8 nice showcase type stores at 300 week for 50 prims. and 6 Jetson homes with sexbed installed and automatic blinds at 350 a week and 100 prims. Also have tiny asian merchant alley stalls at 50L a week and 10 prims. Am still making alleys to hide in and explore. Made to wide and am now making it skinnier and a bit more confusing to use. Is first time ok, am doing best can. Very worried if you will like.
Must go now. ttyl.

PPSS: Made MinkaToo Pearl to handle new groups for me. Be nice to me in her too ok yes? She not be as made up but will still have teeth as made her estate manger too. Maybe break down and give M2 outfit. Although maybe get around faster as noobie girl. Bald noobie girl. Ha. scary thought huh yes?
/me slips MinkToo outfit. hihi.
Oh and Bart was nice to lend special breast set out to use in future model shoots. Thank You Bart Seymour. Bart owns Implant Nation, Link on side of this page.---over there-->>>

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