Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Morning everyone.

Today is big day. Lots of work in RL and in SL to get done. Taxi system is fixed thanks to Maker who will be credited later in special opening post and thank you.

As know can see Boobytropolis now on LL map. Is there but is still closed to public while is being built. Yesterday got the Underworld up and in place. Also began piecing together the lab with few items and Boobie traps. Is so much to do so fast will really not be done for a month of fixing and making nicer. But, still plan opening Sat sometime. That is still plan. Need to link all jetson houses to ground for renters. ( And set up a rental box system! eek. Not done that hmm)

Got most big objects in place. Rocket is coming well as put in special VIP last night. Still need to make groups but, all is good. (need minkaII for all the legal stuff lol) hey, not bad idea!
Soon will be lots of pictures here. And new clothes too! Just am not in clothes making mode at moment. Hugs to all! Minka.

(Want to show pics so bad! Only few more days. hihi)

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