Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sci FI day is Sunday event

Look for crashed flying saucer, free robot avatars like in store being given out as well as rayguns that shoot green little rays. (I made) Also will have pretend starwar err, star battle on sim. Details Saturday as finish up ideas.

The sunday after that is Days of SIZE. Am confirmed the big big girls are coming to play. also welcome the SSBBWs to join in as well as super bustys. Should be very interesting day.
(NEEDED 4 AVATARS to be part of center sim SIZE sculpture, need ecorp breast to make work.) This is statue work. Tips for you 100%

Am trying best to think of ideas to make fun. Have idea? One that is able to do?
One Idea have is Movie star day, Make yourself into favorite movie star, except be busty one hihi. In fact like Movie star day idea so much will be event day after last one on sign. Bank on it.

Boom day: Will clear the sim and put all people in welcome center, then with drop down sim announcment everyone wil rush to go to sim and login the rock thrower/shoot game and go to town blasting things. (very laggy so strip down as much as possible this day.)
High score winner after three heats gets 3000L Second place gets 1000L 3/4 get 500L each.

Will run three heats, twice in the 24hr day (1 set of three nights / 1 set of three days - so 6 total). Highest combined total of player for the three games wins. THEN, Would love to see high score of each set of heats (time zones) battle it out alone for top prize. Will announce time for heats as soon as a fair schedule is figured out.

Fashion show is open to all makers, you supply your own models and managment of them. Look for show time to best meet both sides of planets timeslots. No hard judging or contests, just

Did mention we need dancers?
We do.

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