Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some thoughts on things.

Have sat and watched sim happenings this week and am concerned that since newness is gone that sim not being used as well could be. Could easy put store on homestead for 60K less a month so show me reason that you enjoy Boobytropolis. Maybe is still new, Maybe because think if rebuilt it could do better, but am not all happy with it in every corner. Will think some on this more. May do center of sim redesgin in secret and then change it all in one afternoon.
Also we need dancers to step up and start showing at Rocket. Rocket is 927 prims there and can be used for other things if no one is going to make effort. Again will think more on this. Am not a good people manager so need some help. Also with rents. There is only 48 hr grace after which time you have stuff returned. 48 hrs is lots. people tell me 24 is plenty. Please don't make me be mean and kill your sex bed.
Now for SL itself. Please, if rezz on sim when done take prims with you. Is priviledge to rezz and use things so not abuse. ok yes?
thank you.

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