Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boobytropolis update.

Ok here is word on whats happening. Sim is 3/4 done. Upper Boobytropolis is coming in at 6000 prims total with taxis buses and cars/blimps. Is pretty good. Underworld is 2500 so add 2000 for vendors and 1000 for renters plus maybe 2000 "suprise" prims and comes out to around. 13000 total of 15000. About 2000 more than had wanted but added value prims were installed into the sim.

Had techincal setbacks but think have them fixed now. Is just huge project and know there will be loose ends. So far think will still open Sat Aug 7. Do not see why can not finish all this week yet. Am working lots so not posting as much. Can not wait to be done and sit back and enjoy it a while. Like one day. hihi. Then start reworking items to make better. easy to see to fix after set up. Harder to do from scratch. Just happy is "up" then worry about spit polish.

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