Sunday, August 22, 2010

WHOOOOO BIG DAY today! huh? Miss Hottness went off great!

What can say now with some rest after a scorching nonstop action afternoon at Rocket Club! On top of that I got sent Photos, (Have feeling wil get more once logged in again)
Big winner today was US, everyone who attended. \o/ yeah for fans. We had 37 on sim at one time. People started crashing a little but we survivied. Bart Seymour made an appearence as well! Thanks goes out to the Rockette girls, Honey and Dahli for dancing as well as ALL the Diva Dancers.

But here is actual list of winners.
FIRST PLACE - most votes - Mandi S. - Go Mandi! Mandi really had fun think. We enjoy her everyday as it is. 1000L to Mandi.
SECOND/THIRD Runnerups. - Was a Tie between Hannah W. and Muse Mint and Kasmuri D. Everyone else was so so close that instead of paying just the two spots. 500/500, I gave all rest 500L ea. as well Here they are.
Others in attendence where. (in no rank order, only my memory)
Honorable mentions to
- Alonzis D, -500L
- Persephone F. (will send u as soon as get inworld P.) 500L
- Know am missing one and can not remember this second! eep

Want to thank all of you! We will do again in 4ish weeks.

Sim will have a Miss SIZE contest as well ON Days of SIZE. and size is not limited to breasts. Giants do hear your calling? (please no 100x100 boobs though we all die horrible sim crash death.)

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