Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special note about the FEEDEE avatar with resizers.

Seems resizing scripts in the main parts - belly boobs back and butt - need to be reset to work upon purchase. Have run this a dozen times on sale to me and works every time but after 2 customers say had probelm and then sent MinkaTOO to buy to check out , see there is problem.

Is easy fix, just select the part and go to the top of viewer and choose -TOOLS - down to RESET SCRIPTS in item and click that. Thats is all is done. Why it turns off on sale remains mystery. but at least works. Remember that must know how to edit parts if change sizes lots as in extreme mode parts move off center some. (your really really big if your at that point!) Like 20x20 avater around.. Use with care in areas your safe in to avoid trouble.

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