Thursday, September 30, 2010

late pic post! Pirate ship exploding. (kinda)

This is beginning of end for Pirate ship. Delinked it and set to physical, and released! self destructed in less than a minute. As can see is falling aprt in pieces in picture already. Ended up broken wreck. Miss you all but new sim is coming along good. When is done Will post a few pics.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where is Minka?

Minka is here but not here this week on Boobytropolis. You see was contracted to build a custom sim. (90% of at least -has casino thing that stays ). Sim is the island of Jamacia. So hope to have done by this sat /sunday. So means no events by me this week. But miniskirt wed is still on tomorrow night at rocket.

SO what does this mean? It means cannot be answering ims while am trying to get done by sat/sund deadline. Why is the big push be done by then? Am leaving monday on bus to go back to Denver! \o/. yeah. So my week is very filled with stress as is now. Please not be upset if don't talk or find cannot spend time. Of course you still have a clothes problem or want me to add, say Icon top, to box I can do.

When is done will take some pictures and link here.
hugs and give me luck as will need it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

new clothes: Superheroine - Plugin

Treasure hunt day was like no other day yet!

What a event! First want to say thank you to all who came. Had a false start the first time and am to blame for mssing the little copy versus original properties. Know a few (had 29 at first) did not come back and am sorry but about 20-21 of you did and we had a blast.

Was a bit trying tping about like pinball but all in all worked out ok yet. Have more pics inworld need to transfer here, One was when we blew up the ship at the end. O.o yes that was different for me as only had heard about delink /physical trick but never seen.

Again thanks to everyone who came. waas very tired at the end and when crashed took the advantage of being done. eeep. You can im me later if there are any problems yet. Big winner was Lopp with over 2250 in prizes and most boxes think was Yunni who kept me running all day and recieved like 1350 and clothes in prizes.

Also quick thinking to Deafguy in his barter swap. I saw that. :) Will leave the Ball of Death out for people to enjoy if they are bored or want to race each other.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pirate day and Treasure Hunt RULES

The Treasure Hunt on Pirate Day!

Sept 26 11 am SL - 4PM SL

WHERE: Sim Boobytropolis Main city and Underworld/beach

5000L in prize monies and gifts.

Ok today is HUGE day. Here are rules- MUST READ as breaking them will make you lose money or prizes.

1) First is that sim will be closed until 11AM sl time. Balls and boxes of Prize money and gifts will be placed about the city. Your job is to find and claim them. Once found you'll be asked to show and verify. Later in this note we will talk about what happens next as bartering like a pirate comes into it.

2) Second when open sim you will begin from the main store and search the city. Object finder scripts like in viewers will not help as misleading and inccorrect ids have been assigned to the gifts. You have to LOOK, not just cam for your gifts. Some are very small but NOT inivisible so will have to be close in av distance for them to "appear"

3) Third here is my rules and you follow closely. You may use flyers to look over the upper regions. but, And this is important, Will not, repeat I will not put stuff in the Upper museum so no need to search those rooms way high. Main musem is ok to search. I will not bury a box inside a prim completly. You will be able to see it but it may not appear to be what your looking for at all times. Some boxes contain vouchers for 1L others have vouchers for 1000L. You will not know which is which until open it.

4) Fourth, You may open your box and peek but know this. Your voucher is set to derezz upon a time clock so your timing is important for presentations to get money. You may BARTER your new found booty and exchange it to others for their boxes. There will be three boxes to choose for certain gifts. You will not know which it is. It is a suprise like old game show. What is behind door number 2? and so on. (Will not have any donkey gifts. But some better than others for sure)You are to BUY boxes (0L) and take. This is important.

5) At 3:30 pm sl we begin to gather at the Pirate boat and will do our presentations there. You may present for redemption at any time but then you miss fun of trying to barter your gift for more. Gifts can only be opened with the MM group tag. If you do not have one ask a busty diva for one or grab it at the main store by the stairs

6) Party will be at Pirate ship all day. but entire sim will be search grounds. Party boat will have dancer poles and stars for dancers to login with. Dress in costme for added prizes and fun to be announced at show. TPs setup for going to top of sim mountain and to roll back down if you want to do a few times.

7) Main thing is to have fun. Am giving away a lot of cash and hope you enjoy the hunt. Hugs from Minka.

PS I hope the ball roll does not give you headache!

REMEMBER BOXES are SET TO BUY AND TAKE at 0L - This is how you grab your newfound booty!

Just what SL could be with Advanced server upgrade and mesh. Watch the clothes move and just imagine!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pirate day and treasure hunt is pretty much planned now

Have the vouchers made up for you to redeem for cash and boxed suprises. Should be a lot of fun as vouchers will be trans but the items you choose will not have covers on them so its like pot luck draw! - cash awards is cash awards, unless you give them away for other voucher. Best pirate at bartering wins maybe? Will have a couple 1000L hidden balls. So will be fun too watch.

Am sneaky as know how to hide these. will not be stuoid hard, but not easy either. Sim wil be closed from 10 -11 for setout. Can not wait! Hunt starts at 11 AM sunday. Close time is 3 pm, may redeem at anytime in between or convince others to trade! The power is yours.

New pregnant avatar - Peapod!

Comes with all implant adaptors PLUS her own set of ROCKET boobs with touch on off clothes on breasts only. Hair skin belly clothes bangles shoes, it is all there! Just buy and wear. Shape too! can be worn non preggy and non busty too. Located for sale in the BUBBLES store only.

People send pics! Here is one from girl called Jenny who meets the tenacle monster.

Treasure hunt and PIRATE day is Sunday!

Arrgh matey here be pics!

With over 5000L in money coins hidden and various other goodies the sim wide treasure hunt and pirate party will be a hit with all! Come partake if yer not sceeered! harhar details in big note sat night.

models:- Myself and Davie U.
Location: - Pirate bay.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Clothes:Split personality

problems with the Grow machines on sim and implant nations.

Keep getting reports that some other girls IN implants work while other girls with exact same do not. have replaced all machines with newest scripts availble and do not know the why. Do know that ecorp is the best to use for grow fun with current machines. Wish that this problem or issue would get more attention but bart is rarely online to attend to us. Implant nation a very good and popular implant. Just needs more attention to be perfect.
It makes frustrating to me to deal with 1000 'why not work' everyday when have no control over it. Have done all can. Do not know if is viewer issue, personal settings issue or what. fact works on some but not others is what is make mad. If none work then could address problem but fact is 50/50 is hard to say. Just know am aware and will continue to try to make work for all. My problem is opposite, wearing ecorps mostly by time am done doing walk inpsection of sim am grown to HUGE lol. and always have to stop from growing.

New breast enlargment process under review to begin.

Thought this be of interest to some. Is like maybe what Beshine uses to attain that super size she is. (not know how she does it!)

Latex night fun!

It was a good night to be a juggernaut as Juggers took home first in BOTH classes (wearing a M.M. VIXEN latex too!). Nice little haul Juggers! 2500L! whooot. Everyone looked great. We had about 18 or so people in the event and the DJ white tiger ninetails was great. Thank you all for coming! We will do it again next week. Mmm lets make it. huh, Miniskirt night.? yes ok? hihi.
SUNDAY is Treasure hunt and pirate day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new clothes: marylin with option tummi

ALL implant adapters inside including ICON now as well as lola and iboob.

Belly option sold seperatly! Belly comes with touch to go naked scripted covering along with a resizable one too! personally adjust to size you want. Belly button part is hideable. Find a pregnant AO in Sl and is perfect!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SUNDAY EVENT is on! Pirate day with treasure SIM wide hunt

This SUNDAY is running as will be around yet another week before moving was just told in email. So let us make SUNDAY hmmm, lets do a Treasure hunt.
Yes, a treasure hunt on sim.
Will close sim for a while on sunday morning and will set out special packages to find. In each will be like coupons to wear so can see who won what. Each coupon will give you certain things. Will be trans so you cna barter among yourselfs in barter sessions.

Coupon presentations at 5PM SL time for redemptions. (or next day - not before though)

This could be fun and will carefully mark boxes so cannot be "located" by viewer scripts.

Since is treaure hunt think is only fitting we have it be a pirate day too.
So there we go treasure hunt and pirate day SUNDAY! treasure hunts will open around 11am SL. and will run to about 5PM SL. Some wil find money and loot others may score big with oufits and more!
Arrgh matey thar be loot here!

Wed is Minkatex day at the ROCKET.

We end up the day of skin tight minkatex overload with a contest and party at the Rocket.

1500L to win with the best minkatex look, (base minkamade outfit - may mod as you want)
500L runner up

Also will have best Master /Slave combo.

1000L to best leash couple. Bring your subbie and take home some loot.
1000L to master, is up to him/her to give anything to the subbie. :)

Party starts at 7PM SL. Contest board rules. See you al there!

a POSTED COMMENT ALL NEED TO READ. you can find original farther down here.

Jan said...
First you got me last time you open with "Limited" clothing..then you just started selling them again claiming you needed the money..
Next we all noticed back then you where just making clothes that looked like Bad Kitty's
Now you reopen and are trying to make it all look like Ravishing Racks clothing.
Next time you RP you should RP you being a real designer with skills and a look of your own.
I( even found some textures you cut out of TammyTgurls work (she dose not seem to care,but I do) It seems Minka has found you can take snap shots of the texture window as the boobs are mod and then crop them to your own needs,shame shame Minka.

You take the 2010 award of being the most shifty designer in the implant market,follow by last years for selling us all limited clothing that is not limited.
September 20, 2010 2:46 PM
MinkaMade said...
Let reply to this "jan" Jacks, first off have not copied anyones work in FACT people have been looking at Minka stuff and taking from me. You know the last time went to bad kitty? Like maybe last jan once. I allowed your little rant and post here because your so full of shit its almost not funny. As far as what ever TammyT has have you ever used your brain for one second and consider that she and I bought the same accessory pak? HUH? Doubt you thought that far because I have a legal license to use that (AND MORE ) images, maybe SHE DOESNT. I am sure she does, but am making point you do not know "jack" at all.

as far as selling limited stuff, I followed my rule. Stuff in store about 30 days, GONE, stuff that was sold by boxes was limitd limited. You not see all those for sale now do you? No. that is 140 outfits just setting in my inventory. MOST people would say is crazy put them out. But I won't use those again. Yes I hold auction on last two boxes of that one item. Was maybe goign to keep sim open during summer when at school but decided after you threw little bitch fit to just close up and make ready for reopen. Which I did, took 2 months of oof on work at all hours day to fix stuff. More work than you ever did am sure. If you do not like it then do not shop here at MM. Oh, that is right, you cannot you are BANNED for being asshole. That is right, almost forgot.
stay on your crappy sim and have fun. When mesh comes, let us say it will be awesome time.

Peace out. I Left this alone but you pursue nonsense and look like as idiot. Suk to be you.

September 21, 2010 6:09 AM

That was reply to Jacks hammer? hammerer? Whatever he is called, from the drunk fight he raised in Implant nation VIP chat last friday. Last time he did this I not ban him, felt sorry for, but this time. No mercy is banned 100% from sim. Am sure will be banned from escape or whatever sim called there. Do not care. meh. Why people be so worthless and mean. Make no sense. Have not even SEEN tammy displays since like last winter. ALL this raised over cowboy look or something he says. Maybe if Jack knew how to sculpt and to build, script, texture and run maya and 3d apps he could have leg to stand on, but doubt skills go that far. Am being mean now, but was attacked so now defend. Plain and simple. We not need Vixen and babe rp we can use this.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boob TREK the movie is now live on dailymotion.

Boob Trek - By Midnight (Final Version) Machinima
Uploaded by DarkMsStress. - Watch more hot videos.

Well we just finished the first Tonight Show with Bobbi Boobi!

Show as hit and everyone seemed to enjoy lots! The sim is suffering a little as was very full of busty stars and onlookers. Here are a few pics. Limos and papparazzis will be gone very soon ( will do a restart shortly)

Cher joined us at one point and we had little girl talk.

Midnight, maker of Boob Trek, was also guest onstage as well.
Rockette Honey was on the pole giving her busty figure a workout.
Icon allen of ICON breast fame was on hand for event as well.

No, they not dead, they are watching Boobtytropolis shot movie - BOOB TREK -

Stars are starting to appear! rumor is Cher is coming tonight as well.

Made these mesh objects in 10 seconds as quicky show of what can do.

took 10 seconds as had people over shoulder so could not work on them but this shows how much SL will change. Will work on head to toe complete barbie doll as in whole body, legs arms head torso everything. Can not wait to try it all out! level of detail is crazy good (not these, these are junkys, JUST WAIT! :)
came back and took 5 minutes to do these.

If you would like to be a guest on the Movie star TONIGHT SHOW im me inworld NOW!

Taking 2 people for maybe a 15 minute sitdown like leno onstage. Will be clipped for You tube! This will become weekly event too.
Am thinking of placing studio inside back of rocket behind dj and remove stand up rocket. will see. If want to be interviewed send me Note NOW! Have one but would like 2 more. Vendors here is chance to free plug your stuff!

Some thoughts on things.

By now some must have heard what happened again friday night VIP chat. My response is NoH8 tshirt combo. Nuff said on that. If have problem you come to me and tell me not air all over public chatrooms like idiot.
Next up is, Sim will open to OPEN TP next week monday from now on , um tomorrow. NO FLY still in effect, as spent many hours making sim things and want you see them with out being lazy and pass by easy with tp. Will see how goes. If becomes madhouse then will go back designated landing spot. added second taxi to from rocket.

Roleplay groups, will have city hall meeting to start things off MONDAY tommorrow at 5PM sl for as long as takes. Will have meetings every week from now on if even only 10 minutes to catch up on who doing what to who and so on.

Guns and play allowed, rezzing set per group, please not IM me and say gun will not work. Can not help. Suggest to set group. tp out then back in, for some reason this works. May have to do with sim being one big piece, like when set a parcel setting but cannot see until walk out and walk back in.

Pregnant stuff is selling very well and will continue on requested basis only though mostly. Busty and more latex is number one importance. Since other company on grid decide come into busty field am now expanding make and designs of MinkaMade into latex. Fair is fair. Looks good anyways. Will expand to carry many dolly latex as well as sub/master and latex silks.

Have no plans on closing sim inspite of one naysay person in VIP chat. If wanted to close, will, is my choice and mine alone. Am seriously considering adding second sim right next to Boobytropolis and greatly expand the sales section of items. Have not decided yet. People who visit Boobytropolis most often BUY things versus people who visit other sims just look. This is major difference in concept.Have my desire to see role play here though not because makes money for sim but because get see others have fun with something made by me. That is fun in self.
When time comes to turn on mesh and redo everything then sim will close. Then to reopen as Meshworld or some sorts. But that is long time away, betting at least 6-8 months before is running so all and everyone is supported onn every viewer out there. So am not to worried now. Have lots ideas just not know if real time body can keep up, (or my sleeping pattern zzzzz)

Next up is concern over Rocket, Honey has done most super job of sticking to it. Will devote more to that once am moved to new state in a week/2. Next big event on sim (and in rocket) is MinkaTex day. All latex day and contest on sim and best latex costume in rocket with prize money. Will run this on wed this week. (am planning on leaving this next weekend so sunday may be open, will know more later in week what day am flying out)
So Make your best MinkaTex (latex outfit) and come have fun.
Here is classess
- best MinkaMade Latex ( need base MM outfit but can customize/addon take off.) 1500L win 500L runnerup
- best master slave combo any make of clothes. 1500L to master, up to master if want to share with slave.

So plan ahead!
Please wear your boobytropolis tags out on grid there so people can see and join us! ty.

Getting ready for Movie star night!

New clothes:Acid test sky blue