Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some thoughts on things.

By now some must have heard what happened again friday night VIP chat. My response is NoH8 tshirt combo. Nuff said on that. If have problem you come to me and tell me not air all over public chatrooms like idiot.
Next up is, Sim will open to OPEN TP next week monday from now on , um tomorrow. NO FLY still in effect, as spent many hours making sim things and want you see them with out being lazy and pass by easy with tp. Will see how goes. If becomes madhouse then will go back designated landing spot. added second taxi to from rocket.

Roleplay groups, will have city hall meeting to start things off MONDAY tommorrow at 5PM sl for as long as takes. Will have meetings every week from now on if even only 10 minutes to catch up on who doing what to who and so on.

Guns and play allowed, rezzing set per group, please not IM me and say gun will not work. Can not help. Suggest to set group. tp out then back in, for some reason this works. May have to do with sim being one big piece, like when set a parcel setting but cannot see until walk out and walk back in.

Pregnant stuff is selling very well and will continue on requested basis only though mostly. Busty and more latex is number one importance. Since other company on grid decide come into busty field am now expanding make and designs of MinkaMade into latex. Fair is fair. Looks good anyways. Will expand to carry many dolly latex as well as sub/master and latex silks.

Have no plans on closing sim inspite of one naysay person in VIP chat. If wanted to close, will, is my choice and mine alone. Am seriously considering adding second sim right next to Boobytropolis and greatly expand the sales section of items. Have not decided yet. People who visit Boobytropolis most often BUY things versus people who visit other sims just look. This is major difference in concept.Have my desire to see role play here though not because makes money for sim but because get see others have fun with something made by me. That is fun in self.
When time comes to turn on mesh and redo everything then sim will close. Then to reopen as Meshworld or some sorts. But that is long time away, betting at least 6-8 months before is running so all and everyone is supported onn every viewer out there. So am not to worried now. Have lots ideas just not know if real time body can keep up, (or my sleeping pattern zzzzz)

Next up is concern over Rocket, Honey has done most super job of sticking to it. Will devote more to that once am moved to new state in a week/2. Next big event on sim (and in rocket) is MinkaTex day. All latex day and contest on sim and best latex costume in rocket with prize money. Will run this on wed this week. (am planning on leaving this next weekend so sunday may be open, will know more later in week what day am flying out)
So Make your best MinkaTex (latex outfit) and come have fun.
Here is classess
- best MinkaMade Latex ( need base MM outfit but can customize/addon take off.) 1500L win 500L runnerup
- best master slave combo any make of clothes. 1500L to master, up to master if want to share with slave.

So plan ahead!
Please wear your boobytropolis tags out on grid there so people can see and join us! ty.


  1. First you got me last time you open with "Limited" clothing..then you just started selling them again claiming you needed the money..
    Next we all noticed back then you where just making clothes that looked like Bad Kitty's
    Now you reopen and are trying to make it all look like Ravishing Racks clothing.
    Next time you RP you should RP you being a real designer with skills and a look of your own.
    I( even found some textures you cut out of TammyTgurls work (she dose not seem to care,but I do) It seems Minka has found you can take snap shots of the texture window as the boobs are mod and then crop them to your own needs,shame shame Minka.

    You take the 2010 award of being the most shifty designer in the implant market,follow by last years for selling us all limited clothing that is not limited.

  2. Let reply to this "jan" Jacks, first off have not copied anyones work in FACT people have been looking at Minka stuff and taking from me. You know the last time went to bad kitty? Like maybe last jan once. I allowed your little rant and post here because your so full of shit its almost not funny. As far as what ever TammyT has have you ever used your brain for one second and consider that she and I bought the same accessory pak? HUH? Doubt you thought that far because I have a legal license to use that (AND MORE ) images, maybe SHE DOESNT. I am sure she does, but am making point you do not know "jack" at all.

    as far as selling limited stuff, I followed my rule. Stuff in store about 30 days, GONE, stuff that was sold by boxes was limitd limited. You not see all those for sale now do you? No. that is 140 outfits just setting in my inventory. MOST people would say is crazy put them out. But I won't use those again. Yes I hold auction on last two boxes of that one item. Was maybe goign to keep sim open during summer when at school but decided after you threw little bitch fit to just close up and make ready for reopen. Which I did, took 2 months of oof on work at all hours day to fix stuff. More work than you ever did am sure. If you do not like it then do not shop here at MM. Oh, that is right, you cannot you are BANNED for being asshole. That is right, almost forgot.
    stay on your crappy sim and have fun. When mesh comes, let us say it will be awesome time.

    Peace out. I left this alone but you pursue nonsense and look like as idiot. Suk to be you.