Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where is Minka?

Minka is here but not here this week on Boobytropolis. You see was contracted to build a custom sim. (90% of at least -has casino thing that stays ). Sim is the island of Jamacia. So hope to have done by this sat /sunday. So means no events by me this week. But miniskirt wed is still on tomorrow night at rocket.

SO what does this mean? It means cannot be answering ims while am trying to get done by sat/sund deadline. Why is the big push be done by then? Am leaving monday on bus to go back to Denver! \o/. yeah. So my week is very filled with stress as is now. Please not be upset if don't talk or find cannot spend time. Of course you still have a clothes problem or want me to add, say Icon top, to box I can do.

When is done will take some pictures and link here.
hugs and give me luck as will need it!

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