Thursday, September 2, 2010

Days of SIZE is on 100% unless earth opens or house burns down.

Here is how would like see event on 'Days of SIZE'.

Sim will open for fun around 4/5 am (closed 2-4) First thing will see is main street Parade route set up. Am making floats ( you may make floats too please! 5x20 max) for us to enjoy. ( when will have time to do all this not sure but will try.) We will mix and mingle off on till the parade starts. We will have two parades Sunday. One for sure about 1PM SL another at 10PM SLtime. (these may change some but these are time I can attend. No me no pay lol. Here are events.

*BLIMP GIRL TEAMS! prep NOW!! need one girl be BLIMP one girl/guy be handler (or two or three if wish) BLIMP girl MUST have following items. A COLLAR or new breasts with leash and visible chain. length must be set to 10 meters for everyone. YOU blimp girl, may not touch the ground but should float high enough to appear tethered. handlers should have needed leash attachment and anything else that may enhance performance. handlers may be MALE or FEMALE. Guys get involved! This is a blimp girl - think round.
-3000L to best BLIMP GIRL TEAM.
-1000L to best float entry (non blimp girl - blimp girl float may be together but wil only count to blimp girl award.) (any type av- human furry robot dragon dolly is all good)

*BIG AVS. - Please limit to less than 30 meters if possible. Any bigger we can not see you anyways well. Be creative but store bought is good too.
-1000L to best BIG AV.

*BIG BUST BIMBO BABES ( BBBB lol) - today is your day to shine. LIMITS! No more than max for a few minutes at a time. Others want to enjoy show too. So take turns. Learn test your positioning! No "editing" placement allowed in the contest. Max size may not look good. find out what does and work with it. Just not dial to max and expcet win. - NO 100x100 or so boobs til very very end of day show.
-2000L to best BBBB! 1000L to runner up. door prizes to all who enter. Free to enter (all events)

(in case I crash not worry, will honor this setup so do not fear! )
NUDES OK, PICS EXPECTED, by being in parade you consent to being blogged!! hihi. ok yes? haa.

Will make seating for watchers and hope to see everyone attend! DO not forget our dancers either!
Event pics from SCI FI day busty shirts will be on hand to give out for free. Likewise the next event staggered and so on.
-NEXT is BOOM DAY ---- get a rock thrower ONLY - practice. SCORES count. Wil have "new things to blow up. company owner will make something up for me hope. You will see!
-NEXT EVENT after this... has changed. IS MOVIE STAR DAY! Prepare now your look, couple encouraged to portray RL movie stars who "could be pairs" Limos - SL limos on hand, VIP area in effect for residents. red carpet lights and more. Will be fun. This happens on The STAGE. prep NOW.

whew that is all. hope we pull off! Had lots fun at sci fi day. Lets do it again! PS no shooting the blimp girls. hihi.

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