Friday, September 10, 2010

great RP option note was handed to me. Discuss if you want.

Okay, so I thought that with such a huge and frankly amazing area, with all its individual attractions, it would be a perfect environment to introduce some light, fun and sexy rp based on everyone's interests.
This should be strictly opt-in. Suggest participants wear a titler or request a modified group tag so they don't get accidentally harrassed.My idea is for a very simple Heroes and Villains back story, which could include superheroines and villainesses, spies, mercenaries, bounty hunters etc etc.
The two factions would govern themselves, interact, taunt, attack and molest members from the other side, raid meetings, and come up with whatever evil schemes or peacekeeping initiatives they can think of. I know this is already a popular theme with the BE community outside sl already.
Players should be encouraged to bring in alts to expand the rp, for example the "evil team" could create robot or mutant menaces to harass the peaceful citizens of Boobytropolis. (Behold! MechaBoobZilla!)This needs to be inclusive, and anyone should be encouraged to join in if they want to.
For example, males sometimes receive a very negative reaction from members of our community, and this is really not acceptable. They can bring a lot to this and should be made to feel just as welcome.I thought we could trial this for a week or two as light interaction. Other rp sims use systems like CCS for combat, but to keep it light it might be better to avoid 'violent' combat and use good roleplay instead, or weapons that are push only.
Interactions between players could include abduction, mind control, bimbofication, forced expansion, inflation, blimping or impregnation. Might be worth recommending a "limits" tab in people's picks to identify what they are or aren't comfortable with.
Again I think it might be better to avoid anything more sexually explicit unless it’s specifically agreed between players. We don't want this to turn into a forced sex sim. But these are just my ideas
One thing that might encourage story and character development would be a weekly update, maybe a notecard to tell everyone about news articles, battles and whatever in Boobytropolis.
My quick ideas for a back story, but I'd go with a majority if anyone has any better ideas :)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boobytropolis is home to a disparate population; rich, poor, sleazy and classy. Busty girls, BBWs, babes, sluts, milfs and mothers-to-be.. all trying to make their way in the big bad titty city. Some of the residents want harmony in a supersized utopia, others are out for what they can get through crime, extortion, bribery and abduction. Around the ordinary citizens, a constant war for dominance rages between these two opposing forces.
The Boobytropian Alliance of Busty Enforcers (The Girls from B.A.B.E)
A united peacekeeping force including the Boobytropolis Police Department, Boobytropian Secret Service, and the UberB.A.B.E.s, superpowered heroines who use their powers of milky goodness and busty might to protect the population of they city they call home.
V.I.X.E.N. (Villainesses Into eXcess, Extortion and Naughtiness!)
Evil, selfish, sadistic and very, very naughty, a syndicate that delights in any kind of criminal behaviour and profit, but most of all, making life difficult for the BABEs and fun for themselves.

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