Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long talk tonight, some around sushi bar.

Many things where said, many things thought about, long story is all is well. Sim is doing good. I need make more clothes and was told from more than one to make more bimbo stuff as store has lots of high end and classy items now. Not saying bimbo is low class, lol not at all. Saying thi will be stuff you not wear to grandmas house.

Since (I) messed up bad on days of size, (still had 15,000 traffic plus) Will double the pot for Miss Hottness to 3500 to win. 1500 runner up and door prizes to all entered. Contest begins 12 noon SL time. Since more kinks ironed out from first time expect it to go smoother and have more fun than last if possible!
BE THERE SUNDAY if you are Rocket dancer. ( sorry sounded like boss but, eep am. so please show up!) Busty Divas have open access to big floor poles, first come first serve. That is about all, have been detailing sim.
Also, rentals, again, had return items today, not happy to do so but notice 2 days ago goes unanswered stuff is going to be mass returned. One warning only. Not want to be bitch on this but will not let slide more than a day. Make prior arrangments if going to be gone and might miss. Then understand, but no word? no peep? sorry. If makes me bad am sorry. Sim has life to run too. Part is depends on rentals.

Hope to see all Sunday! Boobytropolis and sundays is place to be. ( wednesday events starting as soon as get back to school and find out schedule unless someone wants to take over doing this.) PS am adding floaties to pools tonight too, remind me.

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