Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SUNDAY EVENT is on! Pirate day with treasure SIM wide hunt

This SUNDAY is running as will be around yet another week before moving was just told in email. So let us make SUNDAY hmmm, lets do a Treasure hunt.
Yes, a treasure hunt on sim.
Will close sim for a while on sunday morning and will set out special packages to find. In each will be like coupons to wear so can see who won what. Each coupon will give you certain things. Will be trans so you cna barter among yourselfs in barter sessions.

Coupon presentations at 5PM SL time for redemptions. (or next day - not before though)

This could be fun and will carefully mark boxes so cannot be "located" by viewer scripts.

Since is treaure hunt think is only fitting we have it be a pirate day too.
So there we go treasure hunt and pirate day SUNDAY! treasure hunts will open around 11am SL. and will run to about 5PM SL. Some wil find money and loot others may score big with oufits and more!
Arrgh matey thar be loot here!

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