Sunday, September 26, 2010

Treasure hunt day was like no other day yet!

What a event! First want to say thank you to all who came. Had a false start the first time and am to blame for mssing the little copy versus original properties. Know a few (had 29 at first) did not come back and am sorry but about 20-21 of you did and we had a blast.

Was a bit trying tping about like pinball but all in all worked out ok yet. Have more pics inworld need to transfer here, One was when we blew up the ship at the end. O.o yes that was different for me as only had heard about delink /physical trick but never seen.

Again thanks to everyone who came. waas very tired at the end and when crashed took the advantage of being done. eeep. You can im me later if there are any problems yet. Big winner was Lopp with over 2250 in prizes and most boxes think was Yunni who kept me running all day and recieved like 1350 and clothes in prizes.

Also quick thinking to Deafguy in his barter swap. I saw that. :) Will leave the Ball of Death out for people to enjoy if they are bored or want to race each other.

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  1. Loved the day! The hunt was excellent fun. The prizes were great and well-thought out.

    If anything I would only have changed the "booty-sharing" process at the end. Rather than have everyone show each voucher in turn (which took an inordinate amount of time and work on Minka's part), I would have asked everyone to open their loot, extract the vouchers, place then in a folder called Pirate Day: "Your Name" and send the folder to Minka to be tallied.

    But for those people who didn't make it on Sunday: you guys missed out on amazing prizes and a chance to get to know every nook and cranny of Minka's awesome sim.

    Thank you Minka for the fun day!

    Allana <3