Monday, September 6, 2010

Sim additions! - SUSHI BAR!

Yes real neat SUSHI bar added under Rocket club area. If sit on chair you can choose which one you want as it floats by on sushi bar boats! is to cool. Found in japanese sim. Very neat.
Added new toys to Puff Palace with Juggernauts newest updated grow scripts, simple touch unit to recieve your "mask" wear it and sit on machine ball. IN begins to grow intantly, ecorps need the accept menu. Will also install all these new scripts into toys in LAB. That will be in little while.
Finishing up the Bimbo Zombie attack with Jeff S. the boom town maker. Soon will be able to fight roving hordes of busty bots and they try to zap you! (that is plan, plans not always work have found out)
Will get back to making more clothes later in week. Will try to make one a day at least til then.

ALSO if you are renting you need to watch your box or a note from me. There is long line of people want rent, please not delay as unfair to all.
Am crabby and bloaty and feel general ick today so not in great mood to play. Also. My work level platform is off limits unless invited. Next person who just "shows up"whether am there or not is sim banned. Find that most unwelcome and will treat as same. I sound crabby huh? lol

hug Minka.

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