Tuesday, September 14, 2010

someone or something just tried to crash the sim

We were down to 8 in sim time (usual runs 44/45) things were fine before but then someone or something entered sim. Let remind you that rezz is priviledge of group not right. Can and will take away if happens again. Could not pull up sim estate stats as was crashing so hard. Did a restart and hopefully will find out in minute if is ok.
Always check scripts on person, delete resizers when done, keep copy of active resize tjhing in inventory but not wear it!
Sim is alloted 22 milliseconds of time total to run. on avg a standard avatar uses about .100 script time. We on avg use about .200 with our boobies, (some much less and some more-boobies themselve are not to bad as set placed on sim for scan only ran .014 time use in test)
I have run as low as .149 but as high as .500, BUT there are some of you who may not know run as high as 2.500 and once saw a 4.000 --- OH!! not good.
Give idea, capture rlv bot that is automated on sim uses only .035 to run around all day. Sim uses about 11.000 to run itself, machines, autobots, moving stuff, rotating , flashing, sound it all adds up. So avies using say 1.000 script time only needs 12 people to kill sim,
Most sim have visited use about that much except empty forest sims and like. With sim using 11.00 this leaves about 11.000 for avies to use. If avies, say myself run .150 then we can put about 60 on sim with no problem.
We have had 82 on sim and still ran ok. I know this from contest held day before opening as test.
Now if 4-5 avies come to sim that are 4.000 or so that means only 4 will crash the sim. Maybe I not explain it 100% correct but think you get idea. Just watch what do, Collars and huds are worse. Resize that not deleted in item is next big problem, Mostly hair shoes. Do not let one or two people spoil it for all.
Thank you. Am sorry sound griping but this was just not good.

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