Friday, September 3, 2010

Fixed a few things yesterday.

Added a dedicated taxi line from MinkaMade direct to Rocket Cub. Then Ran a direct line to PoP to Phat Pharm. Will add one more big route and will be doozy! Making a tour route that takes you around sim nice and slow so can rezz at leisure. Will curl way up around center and twist down to restart again in front of the Puff Palace area. That is plan at least. :)
Working on outside sandbox sim to build Days of Size parts. Should be done on time. Look forward to big day Sunday.
Saw we have a new vendors, Intimate ways and Iboobs. Please stop and look over what they offer. Send pics if have any! Join the boobytropolis group and fly tag so others outside of our group can see us. With search shutting out adult in lot of residents this is important.
Also stop into Rocket and give some support to our budding and growing dancers.
hugs Minka Pearl

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