Thursday, September 23, 2010

problems with the Grow machines on sim and implant nations.

Keep getting reports that some other girls IN implants work while other girls with exact same do not. have replaced all machines with newest scripts availble and do not know the why. Do know that ecorp is the best to use for grow fun with current machines. Wish that this problem or issue would get more attention but bart is rarely online to attend to us. Implant nation a very good and popular implant. Just needs more attention to be perfect.
It makes frustrating to me to deal with 1000 'why not work' everyday when have no control over it. Have done all can. Do not know if is viewer issue, personal settings issue or what. fact works on some but not others is what is make mad. If none work then could address problem but fact is 50/50 is hard to say. Just know am aware and will continue to try to make work for all. My problem is opposite, wearing ecorps mostly by time am done doing walk inpsection of sim am grown to HUGE lol. and always have to stop from growing.

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