Thursday, September 2, 2010

OMG totally spaced off wed and lady in red at rocket! Am so sorry.

Had very bad internet connection or something , so bad had spend daytime on open empty sim because even there frozen most time. Think LL added new texture serving software and viewers outside LL do not share same code. Do not go by my word, go look up for self and decide.

Got so bad last night downloaded new LL viewer, after reading little also added starlight. This makes useable but found is not to bad except one thing. Is the suk yet building. Try as may could not move things as needed, could not even re-name new folder, was total useless. Good side was it ran super smooth and could see right away so that is win. Will try imprudence today to see if any better. Then report back.

Will say this that alone the V2 LL thing suks, but with the added Starlight package it is very easy and better to use. If not a build person or rlv subbie thing would suggest trying it but only with the starlight added. (google it is easy to find).

No comments on Emerald as they imploded yesterday. Last release is out but is closed to inspection so, use at own risk.

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