Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pirate day and Treasure Hunt RULES

The Treasure Hunt on Pirate Day!

Sept 26 11 am SL - 4PM SL

WHERE: Sim Boobytropolis Main city and Underworld/beach

5000L in prize monies and gifts.

Ok today is HUGE day. Here are rules- MUST READ as breaking them will make you lose money or prizes.

1) First is that sim will be closed until 11AM sl time. Balls and boxes of Prize money and gifts will be placed about the city. Your job is to find and claim them. Once found you'll be asked to show and verify. Later in this note we will talk about what happens next as bartering like a pirate comes into it.

2) Second when open sim you will begin from the main store and search the city. Object finder scripts like in viewers will not help as misleading and inccorrect ids have been assigned to the gifts. You have to LOOK, not just cam for your gifts. Some are very small but NOT inivisible so will have to be close in av distance for them to "appear"

3) Third here is my rules and you follow closely. You may use flyers to look over the upper regions. but, And this is important, Will not, repeat I will not put stuff in the Upper museum so no need to search those rooms way high. Main musem is ok to search. I will not bury a box inside a prim completly. You will be able to see it but it may not appear to be what your looking for at all times. Some boxes contain vouchers for 1L others have vouchers for 1000L. You will not know which is which until open it.

4) Fourth, You may open your box and peek but know this. Your voucher is set to derezz upon a time clock so your timing is important for presentations to get money. You may BARTER your new found booty and exchange it to others for their boxes. There will be three boxes to choose for certain gifts. You will not know which it is. It is a suprise like old game show. What is behind door number 2? and so on. (Will not have any donkey gifts. But some better than others for sure)You are to BUY boxes (0L) and take. This is important.

5) At 3:30 pm sl we begin to gather at the Pirate boat and will do our presentations there. You may present for redemption at any time but then you miss fun of trying to barter your gift for more. Gifts can only be opened with the MM group tag. If you do not have one ask a busty diva for one or grab it at the main store by the stairs

6) Party will be at Pirate ship all day. but entire sim will be search grounds. Party boat will have dancer poles and stars for dancers to login with. Dress in costme for added prizes and fun to be announced at show. TPs setup for going to top of sim mountain and to roll back down if you want to do a few times.

7) Main thing is to have fun. Am giving away a lot of cash and hope you enjoy the hunt. Hugs from Minka.

PS I hope the ball roll does not give you headache!

REMEMBER BOXES are SET TO BUY AND TAKE at 0L - This is how you grab your newfound booty!

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