Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New RAY GUN is done for Implant Nations Grow control

Worked today on making this into fun interactive toy for sim and turned out better than thought would. It WORKS! Can grow by push button on control panel while raybeam flashes you. Very cool. Hud works good. Here is pictures. Finished Boobi cat last night. Also finished Pregnant place (needs name? Or is Pops, not sure.)

Rocket is ready to be packed up and put into final resting place. Everything is going planned. (so far) I start clothes maybe next week. When 100 done open store. (yes ray gun will be for sale) Also made milking stations too. almost forgot that. :) Now for pictures.

A bad Idea is coming. Rate my avatar.

Is should be called rape my avatar because that is what will happen with people who not like you. Also cost 10L to rate someone and money does not go to SL to cover expenses instead money goes to emerald makers. Major drama will ensue. Mark words of Minka now.

Played around with the free I-robot avatar.

The I robot avatar is pretty bad. Bad as in not good. But was tired of building so has some fun with it. Is not coming to a store near you soon. Is still bad! Pics.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wow big step forward last night!

Finished the main event stage and is very nice. ( I like it hihi) Also made the PoPo station and added little extras know you have fun with. MAde neon roof sign but will add that later.

But BIG news is got underworld installed! It is HUGE! Know some you will like very very much. No pics as will give it away but its sim sized. Explorers will have fun.

Making the flying fire truck today later. Also got MinkaMade 85% done. Am really closer than thought would be. Maybe start clothes in a week or two. Have many new ideas. Hope you all like.

Now is time to start looking forward to setting up City council and adding prospective dancers and sim people. If interested send to me with notecard please.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Join the BTPD today!

You get nifty uniform and help keep the bad guys in underworld. (boot griefers too when opens! hihi) And yes know this is peek of sorts tiny tiny bit. Has changed already since shot taken so not to expect same.

Fun game found on other forum

Took while to figure it out but got my gameavatar busty grown and topless. Here is link and photo! have fun. Click everything. PS can make fat too if try.

The next one could not get do much. If there is trick let me know!

Your looking at tired person!

But made more progress today. Made escalators work to minkamade sales floor. started partions and setting up taxi stands for customer drop offs. Also made cool silicone tank and floating boob holding tank.

Mmm lots of things. still trying make work a script got last night but no luck yet. Did get a script for pets. :) will have adopt a boobi pets I think for free (donations) Will make leashes and little outfits and bags for them ( cost extras though )

Girls will be able to hang out at the 'Make a Wish' booth area to get boob jobs. More info later. (Did repeat self just now? maybe hihi)

NEED Hostess/Manager(s) for Rocket! Serious, Send me notecard with past work history. No new avatars sorry. Also need animated furniture as spending a lot myself and have no income as of now. If any has some not used or is copy would love to borrow. Need couches! at least 5 of them. Have good hot tubs and so on. Maybe dungeon or rlv equipment? Traps? Will read more on that later. Time to take day off maybe go to LL birthday party late day.

Had idea just now! Maybe make boobi shrine. Like temple? hmmm. more to think on. Would need maids and servants and priestess of course too! :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just finished the Pregnant playground!

Wheeee was tough one thought to do since not really number one thought in mind but once started making it just flowed out an became the idea. Not sure what name will be. Is up to person renting that lot and what she wants name it. Made building multi level inside with lots to see :) Will add what few toys I have to the Rocket dungeon and let other owner take care of this.

So now only need to build MinkaMade itself. Hmmm long thinking on that. So far sim has used 5200 prims total. Add 2000 for renters and 1000 for shops and still only just half way on 15000. Will try not use all of course, less will rezz faster Minka knows this. Also have been smart and making more than one texture on one picture so as to double load twice as fast! Make sense? I think do. does.

No picture right now as this was long hard build and very special to me at least. Am excited. :) As work look across sim and see ROCKET sitting there and am extra extra excited.
Oh! got the people movers to work well today as well.

ohh thunderstorm!!! byes

Friday, June 25, 2010

Had to share this. Is little "thing" of mine. Suction stuff. Mmm. :)

Here is interactive playtoy #14. Is temp rezzed plaything for you to use while visiting the Milk Bar. Not a club, just a small corner stand that sells fresh milk! hihi Have so many things hiding to show. Can not wait! /me jumps up and down like little kid needed pee time. haahaa. (breasts an pumps all one piece to wear.)

Starting to detail out things.

Made water tower and people mover (yeah!) and now onto other items while thinking on minkamade design and the playground.

Made this card for your inspection. Since no one step forward with club purchase yet I begin task of setting up myself. Here is VIP cards. Daily weekly or month passes can be bought. Details on opening day to not give way all ideas.

photo will change on actual pass

Next item is we wait for Barts new release! Am interested to see what was done. /me waves to Bart! Send me promo material hihi.

Space station addon done. Was time to play some.

Decided to try to mix truck and taxi autobot part. Worked kinda. It did travel 14 sims on mainland before it ran into terminal trouble. Test units for taxis have now run 2 days straight nonstop with no problems. Am happy for that!

Finished up the ROCKET tonight. Came in at 770 prims. O.o but looks oh so wonderful! Is really special I think. Has 3 levels and each is completely different style. All around boobies though (big and smalls)
Next I make the people mover. Will have hard time with that Think. Will give deep though for a while. Got to play with game software at intern yesterday. If only could use software for SL. wow...

That is last report for night.
Oh M_detector5 if you read this you have permission to make me into comic charater hihi.... Love you blog!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am doing my inner "Amy"

Mmm feel so smexy all need is tacky tatts to finish it off.
Good news is am modify a space station tonight to embed into sim side walls. Promise make lots of hiding places to do things. :)

A little tidbit.

Lots being done on sim. Finished the vendor market houses last night as well as made a few "interactive items" can not tell as is to funny. Then started the rework of final layout of the Rocket club. Am very very happy with it now. Before I was like blah about it. Think will handle all items like this. Rough build first then go back and restructure from scratch to desired look. So far so good!
Hard at work in secret lab making adjustments to someones bustline. hihi. Oh found hair liked to. Was at HOH house of Hair and was on sale for close out at 50L only! Score! :) ( bought 4 types hihi)

Monday, June 21, 2010

omfg the funniest thread on the net at this time.

Make sure to go in about 5-6 pages and watch the guy come unglued. Someone need put big boobies on him and post. I found link on other place so share with you here.

On other news took down temp sim build to start underworld build Then when time comes will combine the two! Whew. so much work. Also heard mesh clothes are coming. I know mesh some and will start trying to find way to make changeover. Also making more breast sets. Hope have line of a dozen types when store reopens.

Im me for input on underworld, should be grunge or should be caves and tunnels and arches and drippy places? (prims! eek) let me know soon as may be moving near future. ty

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mmm. Not know why but made Tron Cycles tonight.

Ok, Do know why but can't tell. hihi. But Followed original in you tube close only to find out new improved version is coming out. Maybe I make rear tire fatter then. Is not serious toy but rather a smash up fun thing. :) smile.
Got lots done today. Made ground vent fans and made more booby "things" Animated one and is almost creepy! Eeep.

Which are you? Slang terms for our Boobies.

bazookas (plural, slang, large breasts)
bazoomies (plural, slang, large breasts)
bee bite (slang, small breasts)
beer glass (plural, slang, large breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
berthas (plural, slang, large breasts, from large German artillery gun in WWI)
big berthas (plural, slang, large breasts, from large German artillery gun in WWI)
big McDuffs (plural, slang, large breasts)
blouse bunnies (plural, slang)
boob (slang)
boobie (slang)
bosom (plural)
boulders (plural, slang, derived from “over the shoulder boulder holder” for “bra”)
brace and bits (plural, slang)
breast (anatomy)
bristols (British slang, one source claims from British WWI fighter aircraft called the Bristol Fighter, contracted to “Brisfit”, which rhymed with tit, while another source claims from the Bristol City soccer team)
bubbies (plural, slang)
bubs (plural, slang)
buds (plural, slang, small breasts)
buffers (plural, slang)
cantaloups (plural, slang)
cantaloupes (plural, slang)
champagne glass (plural, slang, small breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
chi-chi (slang)
chubbies (plural, slang, large breasts)
coconuts (plural, slang, large breasts)
Dolly Partons (plural, slang large breasts, from the country singer)
double barrel (plural, slang)
Double Lotus Peak (plural, Taoist spiritual)
droppers (plural, slang, large breasts)
dugs (plural, slang)
dumplings (plural, British slang)
fun cushions (plural, slang)
globes (plural, slang, large breasts)
grapefruits (plural, slang, large breasts)
headlights (plural, slang)
hooters (plural, slang, large breasts)
hummers (plural, slang)
jugs (plural, slang, large breasts)
knobs ((plural, slang)
knockers (plural, slang, large breasts)
light and bitter (plural, British slang, a joke about a barmaid having the two main types of English beer tattooed on her breasts)
lungs (plural, slang)
mammary (anatomy)
melon (slang, large breast)
milk wagons (plural, slang, large breasts)
muffins (plural, slang, small breasts)
norks (plural, slang)
pair (plural, slang)
puppies (plural, slang, large breasts)
rack (slang)
ski slopes (plural, slang)
tabs (plural, slang, small breasts)
ta tas (plural, slang)
teat (the nipple, slang when applied to whole breast)
thirty-eights (plural, slang, large breasts)
thr’penny bits (plural, British slang)
tit (slang)
tittie (or titty)(slang)
twin mounds (plural, slang)
top bullocks (plural, slang)
tweeters (plural, slang, small breasts)
twin mounds (plural, slang)
twin peaks (plural, slang)
twins (plural, slang)
udder (downward hanging bag of cow, female goat, or other milk producing animals, slang when applied to human breasts)
voos (plural, slang)
wine glass (plural, slang, medium-size breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
woofers (plural, slang, large breasts)

Experimental time!

Needed new "shape" today for little added project extra on sim-to-B and made these. Then decided to quick make a covershell and add on/off clothes swap. Took me abut 7 minutes start to finish. Turned out nice enough I resized set to just wear as is while working. photos.

I know not perfect but for "item" they neeced for were just right! Need take pic of them resised smaller to fit me better, really not look bad at all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Small time to say few things.

Second life has been good to me and to us. Many people I meet I love to talk and chat. I continue working hard to make Boobytropolis one of kind place.

After showing person sneak peak yesterday I decided to make it more booby than it is.
Ask the following from makers of boobs out there!
Need one set of mod only nonscripted implants of your so can put in museum of breasts. Please include your own write up and texture logo to be included in your display.

Second decided that there will be for now only 8 stores on sim (besides MinkaMade) these will be furnished by me to match the city and available for 350L a week at 75 prims each (Is 600 prims. Sims has extra by possible 4000 prims all done.) Taxi cab rentals also available when sim opens. Also have big band shell for events and fashion shows available as well. Inquire

Third I have 8 Apartment rentals available at 500 week with 250 prims each. (2000 prims there) You receive a skyloft apartment and your own personal rezzed boobiflyer so as never needing to use automated taxi system. ( unless want to for fun ) Apartments are first come first serve.
Possible skyboxes later , unsure on that yet.

Laid out base setup on hidden opensim for now. Just one week. Found many things need to do and make yet. Have not started on underworld yet. That huge project on own.

When first started was overwhelmed with size and need to fill spaces. Sims always seemed small untill you need make it by self. eek.

Now most important part. Need a trusted person male or female who can be in sl lots time to assist /live / work in boobytropolis. Will get estate rights and more. I must KNOW you from past. No new people accepted.

CITY COUNCIL. What Metropolis operates without city council? Will have 4 appointed spots to start and vote. (rotate monthly) May advertise and all! Like real elections. Council members get free skybox living and added land powers. Plus power and headache too!
Gangs and other dark city people wanted. Sims will be damage enabled but only groups can rezz. Will have opportunities to hunt and play in underworld. Boobytropilis police will enforce keeping you down where belong! :) Conduct raids? Smuggle implants. Again all must be Boobyfull related! If done right will be lots fun. Promise. Gangland area can run its own cartel and deal in silicone shipments for ?? Anything possible. Just need be boobified somehow!

The Rocket needs manager and hostess. Prefer owner arrangement. (dancers too of course.) Have been looking around lots in SL and rocket will include busty and nonbusty dancers both. (Must have at least an 80 on the slider though!) Addboards will be available for escorts but not a core part of the sim.

Pregnant Playground has owner now. Will release information on that later date. Also PhatPharm looks to maybe be heading in good direction. (Make note to add pools today to sim.)

MinkaMade is only big blocks now in ground/air but will begin making the building next week again on hidden sandbox. Same goes for pregnant playground. Start Rocket construction today. Will be outstanding hope.

Learned many things so far. Like big prim in center of island is not visible if draw distance to little EEK!! Like stand in air. So need fix that somehow.

All this still depends on me having computer if move to
Seattle. Time will only tell. I continue onward.

Pic time!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Couple house pics is all tonight.

Finished few small pieces and just finished clean up versions of two different rentals houses. Here is pictures of one of them.

I begin collecting textures and build shapes for the Rocket club next. Of course lots of breast and booby items are included! hihi. ( have so much to show but not want to let suprises out.)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Worked on rocket ships and Black house today.

Made many things. One was the science of the corner for tunnels. Figured out at end how to do and works ok, Now is problem can drive in lag or not andwill camera angles work? Also made few stand up advertising posts as well as a new tripod like house. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today but 1/2 done and already have done much!

Worked today on Big Big build, new tower will call "the Diamond" Was worried was to big so went "shopping" for empty sim with build on and rezzed the center terminal and the diamond off to a corner. Is perfect size and fit! Yeah.
Am so excited. Then made new textures today, some google modifieds and some mine. and then spent time building the elevators that will be used in the shafts of bigger builds as well as terminal floors. They were hard but after much head scratching got to work.
I collect Breast related art everyday now. Have over 400 images to rotate around sim. Also made flashing neon signs today. 4 total today over 15 or more total for sim to date. Extra nice touches.

That is all for right now, Tonight make small parts to add to bigger parts. Simpe things like park benches canopies and begin collecting underworld parts.

The busty club will be Flash Gorden/Buck Roger type so call it ROCKET! Rocket will be swoopy and neat. (hope) Looking for a person who wants to take it over once built as own. Pay rent only I do all work and supply most goods.
Boobytroplois is taking form, even if is in little pieces one at time on tiny work hidden lot. hihi.

Decided on how make tunnels for simcars to run free and fast and safe. Am building tunnels right into sim walls and use as horizon scenery! Neat huh? Also have many other tricks learning fast. Am looking around sl and taking notes. Know neat area to inspect? Let know ok yes?!

PS I miss U Johnny. I not forget you. Just need work much nonstop.

worked on lots today!

Successfully made the Free BooBi Flyer rezzor for sim residents. Simply locate it and touch , Will derezz on getting out, No worry at all. Will have all this in opening day statment in Aug.

Next I made all new FLOATING display racks that hover about. Very neat too. Also made final finishes to central terminal. Is done and derezzed till time is ready.
Next I made new skyboxes for the residents who want to live on sim. Mostly first the Phat Pharm feedees. Next will be built is large scale apartments.

Last but not least, (am forgetting something am sure, did so much today can not remember all.) Animated two sex bots for fun. Here is picture of one. they wiggle and move boobs about. Feet and legs and arms all move. Can be used in 2 different positions. All will be housed in various places on sim. Some classy some very slutty trashy. Bad robot! lol.

This shot for the guys. I know why , you do to.
that is all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished the center welcome center for the sim

Welcome center began as one thing and slowly took life as other. (Like battleship just "happened" on old store grounds) Still very cool and will tie all corners of sim well.

As is will make excellent lounge and passenger debarking area for sim exploration! Once see all make sense. :) No pictures of that yet. Like automated taxis they stay hidden.

Start animating the bots a bit ago. Is going well so far. Will post them when they are presentable. To bad you tube not allow bot sex as could make little video to show here when finished with bot #1 of like 12.

Also am beginning to think of floorplan for busty club, as of yet no firm offers made to move in. I turn down one. Have one waiting if no one picks up. I won't run it as have store to tend too. You get a completed club with poles, lights, decorations, tip jars, dance floor and more all set up. You just need pay rent on lot. and share % of take with city council.

City council, Have been thinking on this. More later.

Futas, futa and shemales of course welcome but at this time I think with so many other places competeing for people will concentrate on busty and size issue avatars mainly. If there is time latter I may add a roost or cave area. Have one person with lots stuff I am told to donate should I choose to add this.
As with all things email me at for input, complaints, ideas and donations (lol) So all can be considered.

Boobytropolis is coming along well!
Need leads or ideas to build people movers. this meaning by way of grabbing avatar and moving them to new spot in straight line. LMK if have ideas.

Thank you to few special people who have donated items already. Some item brand new to secondlife and will be much fun to use. Am sure someone will have used by time boobytropolis opens sept but fact was considered to allow me to have first was special.

Big hugs and kiss to you out there. XOXO

last post of the large AVs for a bit.

Here are pictures of the last Super ssbbw avatar. Is almost 10m around. She can move but barely. Custom arms up and waving motion made by me. I wil have her and smaller version for sale in differnet clothe options. (Yes she can strip naked too by simple touch.)(first photo is standard size ssbw)

Next is the take off of the SSBBW boobs. Will work for farangdingdong girls. Again clothes can be removed by touch. No resize or grow. Milk included though by drop down menu. :) These are one of many that will be available
now for pictures!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music was calling me tonite. Plus a updated SSBBW shot.

I must tell kids to not leave tire marks on my floor. hihi