Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today but 1/2 done and already have done much!

Worked today on Big Big build, new tower will call "the Diamond" Was worried was to big so went "shopping" for empty sim with build on and rezzed the center terminal and the diamond off to a corner. Is perfect size and fit! Yeah.
Am so excited. Then made new textures today, some google modifieds and some mine. and then spent time building the elevators that will be used in the shafts of bigger builds as well as terminal floors. They were hard but after much head scratching got to work.
I collect Breast related art everyday now. Have over 400 images to rotate around sim. Also made flashing neon signs today. 4 total today over 15 or more total for sim to date. Extra nice touches.

That is all for right now, Tonight make small parts to add to bigger parts. Simpe things like park benches canopies and begin collecting underworld parts.

The busty club will be Flash Gorden/Buck Roger type so call it ROCKET! Rocket will be swoopy and neat. (hope) Looking for a person who wants to take it over once built as own. Pay rent only I do all work and supply most goods.
Boobytroplois is taking form, even if is in little pieces one at time on tiny work hidden lot. hihi.

Decided on how make tunnels for simcars to run free and fast and safe. Am building tunnels right into sim walls and use as horizon scenery! Neat huh? Also have many other tricks learning fast. Am looking around sl and taking notes. Know neat area to inspect? Let know ok yes?!

PS I miss U Johnny. I not forget you. Just need work much nonstop.