Monday, June 7, 2010

Everyday Minka Make something for Boobytropolis! Today is SSBBW avatar day.

NOW same exact avatar as above except with script enable clothes removal! Owner just access and takes off a little or lots. Strip by strip. Think is first of kind maybe not sure. But was fun making it although at times was lost on how to do. Deviant art helped lots with pictures! Make one more like this next but will be immobile avatar. (sits cannot move -rp) She will be very big but not so big cannot fit in 20x20 house. :) smile. This av will be for sale in Sept.
Must add note this ssbbw is not fully finished. Will add roll cuffs and borders to clothes to make nice finished edges. Just ran time out to finish today and wanted show off. After done with these I animate sexbots. That should be very hard to do. Sim will be fun for all I promise. Cannot tell all secrets.