Friday, June 25, 2010

Space station addon done. Was time to play some.

Decided to try to mix truck and taxi autobot part. Worked kinda. It did travel 14 sims on mainland before it ran into terminal trouble. Test units for taxis have now run 2 days straight nonstop with no problems. Am happy for that!

Finished up the ROCKET tonight. Came in at 770 prims. O.o but looks oh so wonderful! Is really special I think. Has 3 levels and each is completely different style. All around boobies though (big and smalls)
Next I make the people mover. Will have hard time with that Think. Will give deep though for a while. Got to play with game software at intern yesterday. If only could use software for SL. wow...

That is last report for night.
Oh M_detector5 if you read this you have permission to make me into comic charater hihi.... Love you blog!