Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your looking at tired person!

But made more progress today. Made escalators work to minkamade sales floor. started partions and setting up taxi stands for customer drop offs. Also made cool silicone tank and floating boob holding tank.

Mmm lots of things. still trying make work a script got last night but no luck yet. Did get a script for pets. :) will have adopt a boobi pets I think for free (donations) Will make leashes and little outfits and bags for them ( cost extras though )

Girls will be able to hang out at the 'Make a Wish' booth area to get boob jobs. More info later. (Did repeat self just now? maybe hihi)

NEED Hostess/Manager(s) for Rocket! Serious, Send me notecard with past work history. No new avatars sorry. Also need animated furniture as spending a lot myself and have no income as of now. If any has some not used or is copy would love to borrow. Need couches! at least 5 of them. Have good hot tubs and so on. Maybe dungeon or rlv equipment? Traps? Will read more on that later. Time to take day off maybe go to LL birthday party late day.

Had idea just now! Maybe make boobi shrine. Like temple? hmmm. more to think on. Would need maids and servants and priestess of course too! :)