Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished the center welcome center for the sim

Welcome center began as one thing and slowly took life as other. (Like battleship just "happened" on old store grounds) Still very cool and will tie all corners of sim well.

As is will make excellent lounge and passenger debarking area for sim exploration! Once see all make sense. :) No pictures of that yet. Like automated taxis they stay hidden.

Start animating the bots a bit ago. Is going well so far. Will post them when they are presentable. To bad you tube not allow bot sex as could make little video to show here when finished with bot #1 of like 12.

Also am beginning to think of floorplan for busty club, as of yet no firm offers made to move in. I turn down one. Have one waiting if no one picks up. I won't run it as have store to tend too. You get a completed club with poles, lights, decorations, tip jars, dance floor and more all set up. You just need pay rent on lot. and share % of take with city council.

City council, Have been thinking on this. More later.

Futas, futa and shemales of course welcome but at this time I think with so many other places competeing for people will concentrate on busty and size issue avatars mainly. If there is time latter I may add a roost or cave area. Have one person with lots stuff I am told to donate should I choose to add this.
As with all things email me at for input, complaints, ideas and donations (lol) So all can be considered.

Boobytropolis is coming along well!
Need leads or ideas to build people movers. this meaning by way of grabbing avatar and moving them to new spot in straight line. LMK if have ideas.

Thank you to few special people who have donated items already. Some item brand new to secondlife and will be much fun to use. Am sure someone will have used by time boobytropolis opens sept but fact was considered to allow me to have first was special.

Big hugs and kiss to you out there. XOXO