Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just finished the Pregnant playground!

Wheeee was tough one thought to do since not really number one thought in mind but once started making it just flowed out an became the idea. Not sure what name will be. Is up to person renting that lot and what she wants name it. Made building multi level inside with lots to see :) Will add what few toys I have to the Rocket dungeon and let other owner take care of this.

So now only need to build MinkaMade itself. Hmmm long thinking on that. So far sim has used 5200 prims total. Add 2000 for renters and 1000 for shops and still only just half way on 15000. Will try not use all of course, less will rezz faster Minka knows this. Also have been smart and making more than one texture on one picture so as to double load twice as fast! Make sense? I think do. does.

No picture right now as this was long hard build and very special to me at least. Am excited. :) As work look across sim and see ROCKET sitting there and am extra extra excited.
Oh! got the people movers to work well today as well.

ohh thunderstorm!!! byes