Friday, June 18, 2010

Small time to say few things.

Second life has been good to me and to us. Many people I meet I love to talk and chat. I continue working hard to make Boobytropolis one of kind place.

After showing person sneak peak yesterday I decided to make it more booby than it is.
Ask the following from makers of boobs out there!
Need one set of mod only nonscripted implants of your so can put in museum of breasts. Please include your own write up and texture logo to be included in your display.

Second decided that there will be for now only 8 stores on sim (besides MinkaMade) these will be furnished by me to match the city and available for 350L a week at 75 prims each (Is 600 prims. Sims has extra by possible 4000 prims all done.) Taxi cab rentals also available when sim opens. Also have big band shell for events and fashion shows available as well. Inquire

Third I have 8 Apartment rentals available at 500 week with 250 prims each. (2000 prims there) You receive a skyloft apartment and your own personal rezzed boobiflyer so as never needing to use automated taxi system. ( unless want to for fun ) Apartments are first come first serve.
Possible skyboxes later , unsure on that yet.

Laid out base setup on hidden opensim for now. Just one week. Found many things need to do and make yet. Have not started on underworld yet. That huge project on own.

When first started was overwhelmed with size and need to fill spaces. Sims always seemed small untill you need make it by self. eek.

Now most important part. Need a trusted person male or female who can be in sl lots time to assist /live / work in boobytropolis. Will get estate rights and more. I must KNOW you from past. No new people accepted.

CITY COUNCIL. What Metropolis operates without city council? Will have 4 appointed spots to start and vote. (rotate monthly) May advertise and all! Like real elections. Council members get free skybox living and added land powers. Plus power and headache too!
Gangs and other dark city people wanted. Sims will be damage enabled but only groups can rezz. Will have opportunities to hunt and play in underworld. Boobytropilis police will enforce keeping you down where belong! :) Conduct raids? Smuggle implants. Again all must be Boobyfull related! If done right will be lots fun. Promise. Gangland area can run its own cartel and deal in silicone shipments for ?? Anything possible. Just need be boobified somehow!

The Rocket needs manager and hostess. Prefer owner arrangement. (dancers too of course.) Have been looking around lots in SL and rocket will include busty and nonbusty dancers both. (Must have at least an 80 on the slider though!) Addboards will be available for escorts but not a core part of the sim.

Pregnant Playground has owner now. Will release information on that later date. Also PhatPharm looks to maybe be heading in good direction. (Make note to add pools today to sim.)

MinkaMade is only big blocks now in ground/air but will begin making the building next week again on hidden sandbox. Same goes for pregnant playground. Start Rocket construction today. Will be outstanding hope.

Learned many things so far. Like big prim in center of island is not visible if draw distance to little EEK!! Like stand in air. So need fix that somehow.

All this still depends on me having computer if move to
Seattle. Time will only tell. I continue onward.