Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work on the new sim is going along nicely.

Continue to work on the parts for the sim boobytropolis. Did complete awesome big double signage with powerjets, Made sculpted lightposts and roadside lighting parts. Finished many parts for PhatPharm and now begin making avatar pieces to make full SSBBW avatar.

Once done with that begin making lead ins for Bustyclub and Social areas. Then work on the pregnant playground layout minus goodies.

Once know what is happening for sure in school/work will contact vendors for possible position in new sim.

Store is in final sketchup and looks awesomeness. Will be very hard to do as lots of curves and stuff. Should be worth it at end.

Also will have for sale bustybots and busty statues. :) More work needed on those. Pictures late tonight maybe. Check back later ok yes?

Also personal droid bot was finished today. Cannot wait to setout as is to cute.

If interested in being part of this huge project email me at
Ideas open to ALL breast related items not just prim boobs. Also am interested in items for nonbusty too.
Phatpharm is mine but the bustyclub and pregnant playground are open to ownerships. First come first served. Must have prior club ownership/ management experience.