Sunday, June 13, 2010

worked on lots today!

Successfully made the Free BooBi Flyer rezzor for sim residents. Simply locate it and touch , Will derezz on getting out, No worry at all. Will have all this in opening day statment in Aug.

Next I made all new FLOATING display racks that hover about. Very neat too. Also made final finishes to central terminal. Is done and derezzed till time is ready.
Next I made new skyboxes for the residents who want to live on sim. Mostly first the Phat Pharm feedees. Next will be built is large scale apartments.

Last but not least, (am forgetting something am sure, did so much today can not remember all.) Animated two sex bots for fun. Here is picture of one. they wiggle and move boobs about. Feet and legs and arms all move. Can be used in 2 different positions. All will be housed in various places on sim. Some classy some very slutty trashy. Bad robot! lol.

This shot for the guys. I know why , you do to.
that is all.