Monday, June 7, 2010

Nightclub Rewards Well-Endowed Female Patrons With Free Booze

A nightclub in Singapore just came up with a marketing strategy that is about to become a theme party on college campuses everywhere this weekend: a "boobs for booze" promotion that rewards female patrons with free drinks based on their bra sizes.

The OverEasy nightclub upped the ante on the traditional "Ladies Night" with its "Fill My Cups" gimmick to promote events hosted by an Australian spinner that goes by the name "DJ DCUP." According to a Yahoo! report, the promotion allows A-cup patrons one free drink, B-cups two, C-cups three and D-cups can claim a free bottle of vodka.

Women don't even have to show their bras to claim free booze. The OverEasy uses one male and one female judge to gauge the size of each female's cups.

"They are not boob experts," Cheryl Ho, spokeswoman for the OverEasy, told the China Press. "They're our personal friends who will simply guess-timate as to the women's bra cup sizes ... We don't condone touch tests." We're not sure if breast implants count toward the promotion.

And just like that, "boob judge" has passed "beer taster" as the job most coveted by men in America.