Sunday, June 6, 2010

Much new items made last two days!!

Debating on show picture as these turned out so super nice. One is the taxi system the sim will use. Am very happy with it! Plus figured out how to make waypoints and moving parts.

Made various standard things too. Blimp is done is cross between roach and squid O.o. Also finished the citycar transportation and begin building sections of underground drive tunnels like old movie I saw all white with robots? Not remember name. Had little bald guy in it.

Also made the Radar antenna and taxi stands to match the newstands and theater. Next up is make new buck rogers skylights for night raids of booby bombers.

Am more than little excited to see all done and installed. Only hope can live up to just a avg level of some great works I see in sl everyday when visit and explore.

Bank of Boobytropolis is also being set up. This was idea of a teacher have to begin my own currency system to go with lindens. You work on sim for boobbucks that are then used to buy goods or pay rents. You can also cash in for linden exchange with a collection of x amount of BBs. I not know all details on this yet. I hear rumors banks in sl or not allowed so need check this farther.

That is all can tell you. There is more.
Maybe break down and show pictures later today.

Also ideas for clothes are rolling in now. Have maybe 20 new ideas to make and everyday think new. Goal is 100 new outfits released sept. Will be big chore. Still not heard if am moving so will keep plugging away on developments. (Also will try new shoes not kit shoes but my own.)