Saturday, January 23, 2010

Want to remind everyone again MinkaMade moved!

I was told created to much traffic (not) and could not use our clubs. So decided just pick all up and move. Took 16 hrs straight building time but built all three clubs again in new sim. Still not perfect (FDD club needs serious revamp) Is all there and then some. The new LandMark is in my profile picks if you can not find it. There is landmark giver on old sim for a couple days as I refuse to pay any more tier there. (I just paid 4 weeks no more than 3-4 days ago on plot #3. Mmm not happy.)

Copper Canyon Has dance today with DJ Halo at 2-4Pm. Please stop in and dance and mingle. It is adult so who knows what can happen. I will be there as will be security if anyone is stupid. Bye and have fun!