Thursday, January 28, 2010

HUGE update in store YipYap avatar and FDD breasts now for sale.

Avatar YiP YaP is now for sale.
If you ever wanted to be a farang dingdong girl, now chance! (See FDD links for photos and website to left)

She mostly no mod for several reasons. One is skins and sizes are matched to boobs and clothes/collars. All you need do is just right click folder and wear all! You have choices 3 size breast. 1st small (which to us is very very big to start- giggle) then med nice sized and then floor touchers. When I say floor touchers I mean it. YiP is set up to just touch the floor when standing. Yes droop is set up so she can walk fairly well without annoying leg through breast. 'yeah' =)
This took lots work to get curved sculpt shape right. Seems easy enough but when tasked make work smoothly for all is very hard.

I pleased enough with Yip Yap that will make one other FDD girl Avatar although one will be lucky to stand. I consider making clothing shell for two, but again if response small I might not and concentrate on new MM look regular sized shell. Did manage get both breasts made at once in one sculpt=one prim texture looks to be very painfull. (example next to shop)

Store has Yip Yap for sale along with MOD enabled breast each at its own price. Pro/con to buying each. I also can take requests and will make latex smooth black breasts for rubber girls. (nipple on or off -- hmmm. maybe make owner touch to show)

So, so much going on. Your shopping is helping me have time and will to keep making new things. I hope I make someone happy.