Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special news a photo. New MinkaMade boobs!

Yes include I do a picture of me making the new FDingDong boobs for the group. I now have two sets of breasts I make. This one I made different than first that looked much like ecorps except fatter round. This one was hard making pulled offset (can not see on pics) to look like breast drooping. I am stil learning to do this and each time goes faster and smoother. I soon hope to make butts and other parts too. Maybe I make cart to carry breasts? haha. Hmmm.

This set is static meaning no scripts yet (may add Milk option) They are set to be worn and be BIG without going thru floor or legs when walking. Just add wheelbarrow haha! I will retexture breasts from ones on picture at studio now later tonight.

I will sell FDD boobies as are for 150L each. Simple buy, wear, and stretch to fit. (maybe I should add resizer script?) I will maybe make clothes shell for this one too. Maybe.
(took me 8 hrs to make first types shell so not sure I want to do that for this set. Maybe, I will make them color change though so you can cycle through looks. black, red & skin I think for now. Make low shiny and use as latex breasts. :)

heres photo, If when I am online later please not be upset if not answer you. Have much work to do again tonight. Am behind on production.

The green outfit below is me wearing my first set of breasts. Yes those are mine. Not other makers. :) Soon, I learn how make even more.
School starts soon not sure how much time have then. Yes my english is bad. But computer doesnt care. I wish I had lab computers to work on SL. Oh then I make really cool things. :) There are rules on sculpt machine but i learned by just doing. I use eyes to drag nudge and pull to shape I want. Maybe is easier way? Not sure. But it works.
SL is not first in my time although lately it seems like it. I do no t understand LSL though. Funny huh? I can see shape in string of number but LSL stops me cold. I think it not to efficient maybe is why. Seems poorly written.