Saturday, January 16, 2010

Very important item out last nite!

I listed new outfit named Ballroom Belle. Is very nice and is offered at 300L for 30 days. What is special is there is optional box with my first set of Simple Breasts inside. The are loaded for Ballroom Belle and nude tops. Simple touch to change.
I will begin offering matching breasts with each outfit although I will be making the breasts no mod and use resizer to make grow big or little to suit you. (use arrows to nudge into places when big or little enough)
I know this is a bit primitive to what is out there but its a MM start at least and is priced way under normal breast of 800-1000L. Here is photos of BallroomBelle.

Take the NOTECARD in the store before buying to ensure you can edit your top! I will try help but I cannot do all. You must have experience in edit linked parts to make work.