Monday, January 25, 2010

2 new outfits and a compliant.

First off the good news, I released two new outfits today so far, (May one more make I feel good today.) First is tough girl outfit named "Seriously?..." Is very detailed in textures and has a great flexi skirt.

Second is call Purple Croc. Why Croc? Leather looked like croc to me when making and name stuck lol. Here are (is?) photos.

And now last item, I long discussion with persons about AVATAR ANNA. Seems there is talk about my breasts and is making problems. So to make everyone calm I take ANNA off market till I change more to look different than Ecorp. ( Ecorp number one, is what I wanted to look like. I did to good of job so now must try to make new attractive 'MinkaMade" only shape.) This will be hard as only so many ways for breast to look! O.o

But I will try to make special.

FDD boobs are close to done. I need make new texture as not at all happy with what I made so far. Once thats done I box and sell. Nakeds only to start, maybe do shell later after favorite look is decided. (shell is hardest) Breast pattern in shop on rezz display has the curved tail I want. Am very happy. Will allow breast to hang then lay like wanted. FDD is all set (girls just need to dance more!)
That is all. I make more later tonight. School is rest day then sleep 1-2 hrs then start SL. I feel machine, grrrrr haha. Machine girl Minka. (oh neat AVATAR idea!) /me writes down more notes.