Saturday, January 30, 2010

Party People Make a date!

March 8-12 will be MinkaMades SPRING BREAK party. 4 days contests prizes and dances. I will have DJS round clock and Hot body contests for Busty AND regular Avatars too. Best Bod in guys and gals no less. Make some $$$ and have fun doing.
Minka Made has done good business past month so decide to give back community. Watch blog and MinkaMade group for information as weeks run down.

If your a DJ drop me a note and we can set up a dance day to check you out. Pay plus 100% tips.

***Dancers!! I need busty and NON busty dancers fill poles during event. If your so hot you sizzle standing still I need you. Come be part of event.
Filming and photographers will be documenting this for all 4 days and you tube and inworld photobooks will be released once its done. (Yes I plan on spending a lot, but its all for fun. If wanted just traffic would run something cheaper and simpler.)
Let us make happen and be fun time!