Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wireless internet SUCKS!

Thats all have to say. Am in motel room now stuck. Wind is howling outside and can not get going till later in day. Am totally bored. Took forever to get this post made. Tried sl and crash after like 1.5 minutes everytimes. So. will report more later when get to stable connection. As feared my access is going to be limited for while. sigh.
Please not forget me! Feel lost already. Has sad face. :(
SEND me pictures so we have stuff to look at! email me or send inworld. email better right now.


Monday, October 25, 2010

I get pictures! Am gone for week and have lots waiting

The First girl in cowboy hat outfit is name Emerson S, the second Im sorry but forgot, ( please send me note to remind or look when inworld again.)
Just because Boobytropolis is closed sim means not that we can no keep spirit alive and kicking. Will be back in Denver in a day and will see what is happening.
Was online short time today to tie up loose ends. Will try to get routine back as soon as can. We hit deer last night and total car. So many things very iffy now. Am glad made choice I did as now would have to stop for sure.
Um. Send pics! please, I post. Am considering renting opensim for a week to hold event for us once in a while to keep us together. Dino park would be the first one I make.
Made 5 custom outfits in spare time for one Snookie and one for Stacks S.
Made pregnant option outfits (snookie) and may put them for sale by appointment see only. Not sure yet as real life is king now. Is going to be hard year I think. Will do best I can.
note- Guess there is halloween sim with that big truck thing. It must be popular so will go look when can. Maybe we go as group? Not sure if possible as hope to be on road again by noon today with rent a car.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


DJ WhiteTIGER wil be on hand as well as our new dancers. Come be best in black from 10- 11:30 ish SL time. 500L to the winner, board rules.

Also is looking like roaring twenties will be next event. Maybe not this sunday but next for sure. wil see how much time have to set up. Want to do this one good! May just leave sim black white thru halloween too.

ROBO factory now open. Corner of sim... Follow capture bot.

Inside you find new automated robo machine to process and capsulate whoever. once encapsulated can drag them about boobytropolis as slaves. or something. Also great new scanner with arms and rays and many things. explore it and have fun, last is the wheel. Grow scripts installed in it and has rlv capablities.
sim rebooting now. give it 5 minutes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Next event: You choose

Next event has makings off big deal. Two choices to what see first. First is roaring twenties with flapper girl look, model ts cars and tommy gun shootouts. All sim done over in black white for this day (huge job... eep)
Next event to choose from is DINO DAY. yeah, ( I love this idea too!) will make like jurrasic park on lower sim and have dinosours and rides and scary things. (note to self, make more clothes to pay for dinos. lol) :=) got a dino to loan?
Of course will have halloween too. end of month. PLAN ON IT!

PSPS = need video editing program (free) to redo all my video i have shot so far. Movie maker keeps stalling and will not publish my edited works. Have the 'tonight show' ready but is stuck in publishing

Shanti's Busty Girls of SL is open. GO LOOK!!! :)

Shanti has done us great homage to Busty girls of Sl with his photgraphy and art exhibit. Is a MUST SEE place to visit! Here is his Blog link for more information
ALSO on side bar too!

Friday, October 8, 2010

boobytropolis needs dancers / escorts


Am hiring as many as show up! Need not be prim boob wearers but should be as big as you can on slider for this gig as sim is breast related. Pay is 90%tips and 30L hr payroll for all new dancers. Amatuer prim girls Please consider dancing too!

Prim boob girls who are polished and pro make much more as Rockettes. Limit to six Rockettes.

Send me Note inworld with pic if possible. Start ASAP.will be inworld tonight.

Boobytropolis sim.

Taking deep breathe and thinking a while

Do not want to see this experiment in boobiedom to go away. So will give one last shot at trying to get titanic off the shore and sailing in open seas.
Here is what hope to see.
- city council set up and run to mange gangs of babes and vixens running about the sim. elections held for offices, say 3 to start - Mayor -chief of Police - PR director.
Advertising and campaigning encouraged in groups and local.

- dancers, escorts, lots of them. like would love to see 20 at all times day and night working. Do not need to be prim boobie girls. 90% pay and 30L hr for standard dancers. Select Rockettes make more.

- basic fun, but not forced fun. (bdsm stuff ok)
I love the sim ( am going to change it little though texture wise.)
lmk if have ideas.
will be gone more now. can not help it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

feeling in funk about sl and all in general.

Not know why but just have blah feeling. Will hope to get back to making some things next week. Had troubles logging in yesterday like many, found if used ll viewer first or metablot could then login fine. Could not get new TOS to highlight to click.

Boobytropolis has been quiet this week. Bothers me some. Is it worth it? You tell me by time spent. No one visits. It poofs. That simple. cannot justify spending 300 mo if no one wants to play. Choice is in hands out there. Could just as easy use homestead for store. We have had fun so far. But what of the future? Tell me what we need do.
comment here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Am moved now but as feared, internet is wireless and it sucks.

Was having discussion with person about blog issue maybe 20 minutes ago and now can not stay logged in. This may be serious problem. Since today is first day am sure entire building is logged in at once at moment. I try get back into sl but end up in place like 10,10,10 unkown everytime. Can not load inventory can not load friends. Will try from Lab section later if let me in. If this permament not sure what will happen.
Deleted my viewer and reloaded 2 times but made no difference. Tried text viewer and still could not say anything or get voice out. So for now give up try again later after many go bed. Was hoping school would let me be online days more and not have to fight others like home was.
Will work on new stuff in meantime.

Will continue disscussion later on who started what first. Have all logs saved.