Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Next event: You choose

Next event has makings off big deal. Two choices to what see first. First is roaring twenties with flapper girl look, model ts cars and tommy gun shootouts. All sim done over in black white for this day (huge job... eep)
Next event to choose from is DINO DAY. yeah, ( I love this idea too!) will make like jurrasic park on lower sim and have dinosours and rides and scary things. (note to self, make more clothes to pay for dinos. lol) :=) got a dino to loan?
Of course will have halloween too. end of month. PLAN ON IT!

PSPS = need video editing program (free) to redo all my video i have shot so far. Movie maker keeps stalling and will not publish my edited works. Have the 'tonight show' ready but is stuck in publishing

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