Monday, October 25, 2010

I get pictures! Am gone for week and have lots waiting

The First girl in cowboy hat outfit is name Emerson S, the second Im sorry but forgot, ( please send me note to remind or look when inworld again.)
Just because Boobytropolis is closed sim means not that we can no keep spirit alive and kicking. Will be back in Denver in a day and will see what is happening.
Was online short time today to tie up loose ends. Will try to get routine back as soon as can. We hit deer last night and total car. So many things very iffy now. Am glad made choice I did as now would have to stop for sure.
Um. Send pics! please, I post. Am considering renting opensim for a week to hold event for us once in a while to keep us together. Dino park would be the first one I make.
Made 5 custom outfits in spare time for one Snookie and one for Stacks S.
Made pregnant option outfits (snookie) and may put them for sale by appointment see only. Not sure yet as real life is king now. Is going to be hard year I think. Will do best I can.
note- Guess there is halloween sim with that big truck thing. It must be popular so will go look when can. Maybe we go as group? Not sure if possible as hope to be on road again by noon today with rent a car.

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