Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking deep breathe and thinking a while

Do not want to see this experiment in boobiedom to go away. So will give one last shot at trying to get titanic off the shore and sailing in open seas.
Here is what hope to see.
- city council set up and run to mange gangs of babes and vixens running about the sim. elections held for offices, say 3 to start - Mayor -chief of Police - PR director.
Advertising and campaigning encouraged in groups and local.

- dancers, escorts, lots of them. like would love to see 20 at all times day and night working. Do not need to be prim boobie girls. 90% pay and 30L hr for standard dancers. Select Rockettes make more.

- basic fun, but not forced fun. (bdsm stuff ok)
I love the sim ( am going to change it little though texture wise.)
lmk if have ideas.
will be gone more now. can not help it.

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