Thursday, October 7, 2010

feeling in funk about sl and all in general.

Not know why but just have blah feeling. Will hope to get back to making some things next week. Had troubles logging in yesterday like many, found if used ll viewer first or metablot could then login fine. Could not get new TOS to highlight to click.

Boobytropolis has been quiet this week. Bothers me some. Is it worth it? You tell me by time spent. No one visits. It poofs. That simple. cannot justify spending 300 mo if no one wants to play. Choice is in hands out there. Could just as easy use homestead for store. We have had fun so far. But what of the future? Tell me what we need do.
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  1. You work so hard to please so many people. Isn't it about time you take a break and let others please you? :)

    All work and no play makes Minka a sad girl. :)

  2. well first I would say don't be discouraged, running a sim does take a lot of time. Also remember you are catering to a very small group in SL that is already split between many clubs. If anything I'd say keep focus on building a social atmosphere like you have.