Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Am moved now but as feared, internet is wireless and it sucks.

Was having discussion with person about blog issue maybe 20 minutes ago and now can not stay logged in. This may be serious problem. Since today is first day am sure entire building is logged in at once at moment. I try get back into sl but end up in place like 10,10,10 unkown everytime. Can not load inventory can not load friends. Will try from Lab section later if let me in. If this permament not sure what will happen.
Deleted my viewer and reloaded 2 times but made no difference. Tried text viewer and still could not say anything or get voice out. So for now give up try again later after many go bed. Was hoping school would let me be online days more and not have to fight others like home was.
Will work on new stuff in meantime.

Will continue disscussion later on who started what first. Have all logs saved.

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