Thursday, February 25, 2010

Metal Goddess is out now!

Metal Goddess - Is very detailed and full outfit. Comes with leg and arm cuffs and spikes. Has spiked belt and spider queen crown I made. has everything but hair & skin. Here pictures are.

Fun times as giants walk the Store grounds!

This in now, newsflash! Giant girls stalk MinkaMade.
SuperBelinda A. shows off her massive breasts and sexy giantess avatars!

the red dot above in her cleavage is me.

3 outfits tonight I make.

Two jerseys one red one pink. Plus great ripped up jeans to match. Next is Pink Halter top and cute zipper jeans. Here is pictures, Metal mayhem mamma is about done. Is next to debut unless something inspires me last second.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

two latex outfits basic blacks, Keyhole and Button Button.

Something very different. Was custom request.

I got request for body expansion from customer and this was first result. (Need do butt expansion next) pictures say all. Static model - no growth or scripted items.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi Hi fixes and clothes oh my!

I log in last night to find out the LL assest servers ate a set of clothes on new release. After much rework I got all sent back out and hope got every person.
Now new clothes. I make 3 tops for BIBS - red/blue & purple so you can wear different colors! (busty addons only) oh and matching Butt rags too! :)

Then I make interesting cut top called PeekaBoo 2. Pictures tell story.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Upper Crust just out! store#1

Was at corner coffeeshop and saw this on other person there. Was cute so came back and made it for us! I call it Upper crust as she was Benzo driver and looked very well managed. Funny how ideas happen. Here pictures, then off to classes.

Juli Gem in grey green out in store #1

Here is pics of simple clean look thats very sexy too.

NEW Limited Set out now! ChaChing PornStar

ChaChing is out and shes hot stuff. Is set 10 boxes only to sell. 2 gone at this post already. Comes with own Movie camera zebra rug sexbed BoB toys as well as BJ and masterbate me balls. Here is pictures. Be careful. :)