Thursday, February 4, 2010

feeling rather blah and uninspired.

Not sure why but happens to me at times. I have booty skirt roughed up in prim plywood but have not worked on it since. Is little pointy on circles. It is flexi too btw. But does not look exceptional different. Maybe is good maybe is bad. But I need serious shot in arm. School been hard last few days and slept for once to catch up. Sorry for no new outfits last night and probably tonight unless get inspired.

I think it is worry no one will come to Spring Break and made for nothing. I thank 2 girls who gave me dancer poles to borrow. They work great. Also have got fireworks too but found MinkaMade level is to close to Spring Break and hits it! O.o lol.....................................................

That is all. Maybe I make my sculpted boot forms tonight. Or work on the new clothes shell for FDD boobs. I have lots to do, but just to much RL to make for overload schedule.
/me waves and say bye and will ttyl.