Sunday, February 21, 2010

information on whats happening at MinkaMade

Today got new vendors for new Ecorp in main store. (will increase walls thick so float tex not bleed through Aneesh, sorry, did not know when happened.)

Next information item is SHOES!!!
I do not have photo yet but invested time and money in great PORN STAR platforms which are now on sale at MinkaMade, red - whites - pinks, and combo clear/whites, One with FISH! Come take look. Only 150L each.

Next item is NEW PORN STAR outfit and avatar coming out maybe tonight, for sure tomorrow.
Name is CHA-CHING! and shes very hot. glitter on skin and hot hot pink wrap arounds. Hot pink plats and personal toys. Also has her own SEXBED and MOVIE CAMERA setup so she can be a real Porn star in her home. The camera and bed are extras that wil be included in very special limited boxed set. So be on watch for notice and drop shipment. Will space out differently than usual.
Last few specials sold out in under 20 minutes. So this time I split up two sets of 5 for sale. One be dropped on night shift some time the other mid day tomorrow. (that is plan goes well - lol)

Watch here pictures of ChaChing and her movie camera in action! (yes was fun making this one. the camera has little suprise in it if you look in view finder too.)

I make 3 total of porn star outfits. then back to more civilian looks.

( Anyone have hot hot blonde hair that full perm and not copybot? I pay for it to add to package. Is all I need to make complete avatar of this. )

I hope you enjoy MinkaMade and come back to visit. had 5300 traffic yesterday was good for just store i think. today was busy too. but SL was being really wierd. So quit building and saved hair pulling.

PS spring break is coming! march 8-12 make note of it.