Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of new clothes happening for Minka Made.

Look at whats on table right now.

Everything but boots. ( and breasts and hair of course.)

Also on table is this.
Its called Slinky Toy Its new way to make images I learn and I spend all night making new shapes and colors to try.
I also have out fit "Cheeky Checks" going out today but I have no photo of it here.
Buts its very very cute. Almost cuter than Slinky Toy. But in different way.
I continue to make only 3 boxes of each. I will do this for as long as I see. I am asked everyday to make personal exceptions. But I cannot. So please don't ask it makes us both feels badway.
I have over 35 new things in my hard drive and dont know which to make first. I keep trying to do baggy pants but I always sidetrack.
I also try to think of different designs rather than same ones. If you have drawing or art and can show me link. I will try. Cannot promise, but will try.
I thank everyone for buying clothes as it gives me strong feeling to work harder and invest in it. ( I buy entire line of sculpty parts to really upgrade looks. New belts arm bands leg bands scarfs skirts jeans and more. This cost money I could use for shoes! So this means I really care to do good job. Oh one more thing I learn to make boot kits. So boots will be included too on limited basis.
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